Source code for argschema.validate

'''module for custom marshmallow validators'''
from marshmallow.validate import Validator
import marshmallow as mm

__all__ = ['Shape']

[docs]class Shape(Validator): """Validator which succeeds if value.shape matches `shape` Parameters ---------- shape : tuple Tuple specifying the required shape. If a value in the tuple is `None`, any length in that dimension is valid. Raises ------ ValueError If the provided shape is not a valid tuple of integers and/or None types marshmallow.ValidationError If the value being validated does not have a shape attribute """ def __init__(self, shape=None): try: self.shape = tuple(shape) except TypeError: raise ValueError("{} is not a valid shape".format(shape)) if not all(isinstance(item, (int, type(None))) for item in self.shape): raise ValueError("{} is not a valid shape".format(shape)) self.error = "Array shape is not {}".format(self.shape) def __call__(self, value): try: shape = value.shape except AttributeError: raise mm.ValidationError("{} is not a valid array, does not have " "attribute `shape`.".format(value)) if len(shape) != len(self.shape): raise mm.ValidationError("Dimension mismatch: input shape {} does " "not match {}.".format(shape, self.shape)) valid = all([a == b for a, b in zip( shape, self.shape) if b is not None]) if not valid: raise mm.ValidationError("Array shape {} does not match required " "shape {}.".format(shape, self.shape)) return valid