argschema documentation

This python module enables python programs to specify and validate their input parameters via a schema, while allowing those parameters to be passed into it in different ways in different contexts.

In particular it will allow you to

  1. Specify an input_json file which contains the parameters via the command line
  2. OR pass a dictionary directly into the module with the parameters defined
  3. AND/OR pass individual parameters via the command line, in a way that will override the input_json or the dictionary given.

In all cases, it will merge these different parameters into a single dictionary and then validate the parameters against your schema.

The User Guide

This is where you should start to understand how to use argschema

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We are planning on occasional updating this tool with no fixed schedule. Community involvement is encouraged through both issues and pull requests. Please make pull requests against the dev branch, as we will test changes there before merging into master.