Source code for argschema.schemas

import marshmallow as mm
from .fields import LogLevel, InputFile, OutputFile

[docs]class DefaultSchema(mm.Schema): """mm.Schema class with support for making fields default to values defined by that field's arguments. """
[docs] @mm.pre_load def make_object(self, in_data, **kwargs): """marshmallow.pre_load decorated function for applying defaults on deserialation Parameters ---------- in_data : Returns ------- dict a dictionary with default values applied """ for name, field in self.fields.items(): if name not in in_data: if field.default is not mm.missing: in_data[name] = field.default return in_data
[docs]class ArgSchema(DefaultSchema): """The base marshmallow schema used by ArgSchemaParser to identify input_json and output_json files and the log_level """ input_json = InputFile( description="file path of input json file") output_json = OutputFile( description="file path to output json file") log_level = LogLevel( default='ERROR', description="set the logging level of the module")